The 2015 Sunday Times Barry Ronge Fiction Prize Shortlist

The names have been called. The names of the books and of the writers of this years shortlist for the Barry Ronge Fiction Prize, with a prize money of  R100 000. Five books and five authors. Here you find the list of books (and covers) and authors. 

3 south africans nominated

Another nomination in the seemingly endless row of nominations, longlists and shortlist and literary award and literary award prize giving ceremonies. The South African writers have been nominated for the prestigious International Dublin Literary Award. Their names are Zakes Mda (lives in the USA), Mandla Langa and Imraan Coovadia.

books shortlisted for literary awards

The South African paper Sunday Times has made known the shortlist for this year’s awards. Next month the winners will be announced. There are five books in the fiction section, and five books in the nonfiction department.  

post-liberation writing

In this article the writer and academic Leon De Kock searches for trends in the post-apartheid years in South Africa. One of the trends is crime-writing. Crime is not an unfamiliar feature in South African society, so that is reflected in the literary scene.   

impressive feat of imagination

He was born in Durban, South Africa in 1970. He studied in South Africa and in the United States. In the end he came back to his homecountry. Now he writes, after a struggling start with impending failure. Now he has a string of titles to his name. His name is Imraan Coovadia and here … Continue reading impressive feat of imagination