Wars produce stories. Stories of death and disaster. Stories of lives torn apart. Stories of people who were changed for the remaining part of their lives. The civil war in Sierra Leone produced stories. One of these is the story of Ismael Beah. He for the first time encountered the civil war when he was … Continue reading review A LONG WAY GONE

let the hawk perch

He is from Sierra Leone. He was a boy-soldier. And he knows how to write a book. He wrote about his days as a boy-soldier in ‘A long way gone’. This book made a huge impact. And his next probably will have the same fate. About people who suffered in refugee-camps, who try to settle … Continue reading let the hawk perch

new wave of african writers with an internationalist bend

Recently a list with the one hundred best novels written in English was published by TIME Magazine. One writer from Africa was on the list: Chinua Achebe. Not even ‘Nobel Prize for Literature’ winners from Africa were on the list (or is Doris Lessing considered to be from Africa?). But let the two critics who … Continue reading new wave of african writers with an internationalist bend