From Africa and the diaspora

Samira Sawlani has written a nice article on 10 books that have been published in 2017 by African literati, living in Africa or in the diaspora. When you want to make a start with updating your book collection this article is a good start. Read the article here.

pontas novels hitting bookshops in the uk and the us

Sometimes it seems that writers that have published in an African country are landlocked and are not able to burst out of the local bubble. In this article you will find several names of writers who will be published in the United Kingdom and in the Unites States of America. For these writers this is … Continue reading pontas novels hitting bookshops in the uk and the us

poets speak out for refugees

Five young poets, based in London, speak out about the present refugee crisis. The crisis has been around for some time, but now it has reached the European countries (note: in western Europe, not many refugees travel to Russia).  Now these poets speak out, some of them have been refugees, left their country of origin.