david attwell reveals the four

He is working on a critical biography of the South African writer J.M. Coetzee. He lectures at York University, but is not unwilling to travel to South Africa to speak about the work of this writer. His name is David Attwell. He discovered four surprises in the work of Coetzee. 

my hero: nadine gordimer

Several fellow writers remember the South African author Nadine Gordimer. One of these writers is Gillian Slovo. Even though she lives in England since 1964 her past is linked strongly to the South African world. Her father was Joe Slovo, leader of the South African Communist party, he was heavily involved with the Truth- and … Continue reading my hero: nadine gordimer

the expedition to the boabab tree

In the Afrikaans language many books are published. Some are being translated into other languages. Some stay in their orginal hide, vobered for others. Here you find part of the work of the South African writer Wilma Stockenström who writes in the Afrikaans language. She wrote about the expedition to the boabab tree, alreay in … Continue reading the expedition to the boabab tree

south africa: clash of the booker titans

South Africa had its fair share of censorship during the apartheid years and the writer of this article delves into his memories. Not just for the sake of old days, but also to shed light on the present days. For censorship does not come and go just like that. It becomes rooted in a collective … Continue reading south africa: clash of the booker titans