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5 African and sci-fi and fantasy books

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor tade thompson

It seems writers from the African continent are doing a good job in writing science fiction (sci-fi) and fantasy books. In this article you will find a selection of 5 books to give you an introduction to this particular field of literature. To me there were familiar names and one name that was new to me.


From Africa and the diaspora

Samira Sawlani has written a nice article on 10 books that have been published in 2017 by African literati, living in Africa or in the diaspora. When you want to make a start with updating your book collection this article is a good start.

Read the article here.

nansubuga; writing, education, and perfectionism

Things fall apart. What happened to Nansubuga when she started reading this book by Chinua Achebe? She found the book on the bookshelf of her parents. It was a thin book, that is why she choose it. What happened? 

Read about it in this interview. 

the case for jennifer

Kintu coverHere you find some thoughts on the debut novel by the Ugandan writer Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi.

She does not live in Uganda at the present, she moved to the British town Manchester (yes, the one of United and City). 

these immigrants

I see two opposing trends. On the one hand I see a stress on the local situation in which people live. A movement of more political power for a small entity. On the other hand globalisation is getting stronger and stronger. In so many houses objects from all over the world have found a place.

One of the results of globalization are the constant streams of migration. In itself this is not something new, people have moved from one place to another, from one culture to another. But the space covered by the modern migrations is larger and more diverse than in the past.

Here you find some stories from writers who have migrated, once, twice, and even more often. Some of these writers have a connection with Africa.  


the things we do

Here we have a look into the future.

We look into a not yet published novel by the Ugandan writer Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi. We get a peep into a part of her novel on the way. I do not think the intention of this pre-publication is a communal effort to finish the novel with input of readers and prospective buyers.  

Nevertheless, enjoy it. 

village morning

interview with 2014 commonwealth short story prize

Jennifer-NansubugaJennifer talks in this interview on the use of African traditions (many more than one tradition and one story). She has seen a rapid change in her literary endeavours since she won the short story prize.

Just take time to read this interview.