I just finished a brilliant book, written by the American investigative journalist Andrew Rice. In this book I found three lines of investigation that all come together: * the story of Duncan Laki who searches for his father Eliphaz Laki who disappeared during the reign of president Idi Amin. He was a chief in Ankole. … Continue reading THE TEETH MAY SMILE BUT THE HEART DOES NOT FORGET

a cultural weapon?

How independent are journalists? They make a living from their writing. They uphold their families. They have their personal ideas about their topics and wider society. What did happen in the political scene in South Africa and the many decades that passed by? How independent were journalist who worked for the apartheid-press?  A book has … Continue reading a cultural weapon?

power outage in nigeria inspired

Never Expect Power Always (=NEPA). At times the Nigerian Power Authority leaves people in the dark. It happend to the French journalist Pierre Cherruau when he worked in Nigeria. No electricity, no light, so what to do?  Pierre decided to light acandle, take a piece of paper and he started writing up till he finished … Continue reading power outage in nigeria inspired

the path of the snake

Many stories have been told about the dreadful disease Ebola. Stories about the origin of it (this is not the first Ebola-outbreak). Stories about heroism. Stories about panicking patients. Stories about promised money not given.  Here you find a story, about a female journalist who travels to Sierra Leone. 

inside story of a sa’s jailed drug

When I think of international drugtrafficking I think of Latin American countries, for instance C0lombia. But let us not forget South Africa.  Hazel Friedman, who is a journalist, did thorough research into the role of South Africa in the world of drugtrafficking. She travelled to the Asian country Thailand to see how the mules are … Continue reading inside story of a sa’s jailed drug


The subtitle of this book by the Dutch journalist Rik Delhaas is : ‘Africa after the Cold War’. Maybe in a way the Cold War is over after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Sovjet-Union. But at the same time I have to say that the relationship between Europe/USA and … Continue reading DE PRESIDENT, DE HYENA EN DE KLEINE HAGEDIS