In the year 1942 the writer Albert Camus (a pied noir from Algeria) published his book L’Étranger (The Stranger). The protagonist (‘I‘) in this novel is Meursault, also a pied noir in Algeria. This Meursault kills man, a man without a name. His only ‘name’ is Arab. In the year 2013 the writer Kamel Damoud … Continue reading MEURSAULT, CONTRE-ENQUÊTE

Kamel Daoud le transgressif

The Algerian writer Kamel Daoud has produced his second novel. This book is named Zabor ou les psaumes. He rose to fame with his first novel, in a way in the footsteps of that other Algerian writer Albert Camus. The title of this first novel was Meursault contre-enquête. This book is on the pile next to … Continue reading Kamel Daoud le transgressif

why should the colonist

It started with the writer and Nobel Prize winner Albert Camus. He was born in France and wrote many books. This is not all. Camus was born in Algeria, when this country was a French colony. In 1942 he published his “L’Étranger”, in this book the narrator Meursault kills an Arab.  The Algerian writer Kamel … Continue reading why should the colonist

emerging voices 2015

Here is another longlists. This time it is the longlist for the FT / OppenheimerFunds Emerging Voices Awards. The world is divided in an emerging world and a non-emerging world. I assume that the last part of pour globe is a submerged world. This emerging world is divided again to make room for certain disciplines. Africa and … Continue reading emerging voices 2015