BY THE BOOK: Munira Hussein

The Kenyan writer Munira Hussein  hails from  the Marsabit, in the northern parts of Kenya. She has strong reading habits and likes to read as many books as possible. She also wants to encourage other youngsters to pick up reading habits. That is why she would like to establish libraries in the Marsabit area. Read … Continue reading BY THE BOOK: Munira Hussein

BY THE BOOK: Brian Mbanacho

Who does not like a bit of romance? Brian is the man to look at. He likes to write about romance and to read about it. This year he published his first book ‘After the Storm’ and he continues writing on his blog. In this article he tells about his reading habits and the proper … Continue reading BY THE BOOK: Brian Mbanacho

Verah Omwocha: I am all about books

Trained to be a teacher. During a teacher training the students read books. Memorize important parts. Hopefully love of books is not a special subject, but an attitude that enters one’s hart during training and reading. Verah trained to be a teacher. Now she writes and edits and has a deep love for books. In … Continue reading Verah Omwocha: I am all about books

I am a witness that Kenyans read avidly

Just the other day Morris Kiruga published his first book. Non-fiction. He does not have much patience with fiction books. He prefers the hard facts of the non-fiction. His book was titled ‘The man who sold a country’. Can you guess whom he was writing about ? In this article you will read more about … Continue reading I am a witness that Kenyans read avidly