Imagine a large wooden table. On it are a few hundred pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces are scattered on the surface of the table. Some are placed upside down, other downside up. One way or the other there should be a connection between all these pieces. All of a sudden a hand with … Continue reading Review of BROKEN MONSTERS

don’t miss lauren beukes, nnedi, leif and binyavanga

Writers do write, but it seems a fair proportion of their time is taken up by travelling to other places to attend literary festivals. Here they speak about writing and the hardship of writing, and the little time they have for their writing. Some writers will travel to a nearby Goethe Institute in several African … Continue reading don’t miss lauren beukes, nnedi, leif and binyavanga

lauren beukes wins 2015

A prize in creative writing.  Just this morning a read an article on the writing skills of Kenyan judges. A panel of those who screen judges to see if they are still fit to work and competent to execute their responsibilities was shocked to see the low ability to write a proper statement with coherent … Continue reading lauren beukes wins 2015