kwêla: vlam in die sneeu

The fire is visible in the snow. The heat is on and what will happen to the snow? Will it survive? The letters and notes and telegrams that have been travelling between André Brink and Ingrid Jonker have been published. The widow of Brink talks about this publication.

flame in the snow

This might be called a labour of love, translating the correspondence between Ingrid Jonker and André Brink, both from South Africa. Between the years 1963 – 1965 they loved and they wrote. Karin Schimke translated the letters from Ingrid Jonker into English; the same change of language was done by Leon de Kock for the … Continue reading flame in the snow

post-liberation writing

In this article the writer and academic Leon De Kock searches for trends in the post-apartheid years in South Africa. One of the trends is crime-writing. Crime is not an unfamiliar feature in South African society, so that is reflected in the literary scene.   

is afrikaans literature a world literature?

This is an interesting article by people in the know about the role of literature in the Afrikaans language in the literature of the world. The writers of this article are worlds apart, but still intertwined. One was brought up in an Afrikaner setting, the other came from outer space and learned the langugae and … Continue reading is afrikaans literature a world literature?