On the same page: interview & discussion with Vamba Sherif

The small village of Wageningen in The Netherlands is a world famous village for it houses the famous University of Wageningen. In the field of agriculture and life sciences it has a name in the academic field. Students from all over the world move to Wageningen to study.  At the campus a new initiative has … Continue reading On the same page: interview & discussion with Vamba Sherif


My secondhand copy of this book (The Long Road) has been signed by the writer Bruce Cerew in 2010, in the Dutch town of Ede. He travelled a long way to get to The Netherlands. I assume that this book is an autobiography, in which Bruce writes about his life in Nigeria (where he was … Continue reading DE LANGE WEG

How to “Madame President”

Madame President is not referring to the madame who did not become president of the United States of America. Hillary Clinton did not make it.  The title, however, refers to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a lady from Liberia, who has achieved political experience over many years. At her pinnacle she became president of the West African … Continue reading How to “Madame President”


The Liberia-born (1973) writer Vamba Sherif lives in The Netherlands. He is a man with a knack for languages. This book was written in Eglish and translated into Dutch and published in Dutch. I do not know if this book has been published in English as well.  In this book Sherif returns to his country … Continue reading THE LAND OF THE FATHERS