Archival fever

She came back to Nigeria, she did research and decided to start a publishing firm in Nigeria with a continental impact. The name of the firm is Cassava Republic and her name is Bibi Bakare-Yusuf. In this speech she tells her story to an audience in Soweto at the third Abantu Book Festival. 

Northern Nigeria Creative Development: The Valley And The Boundary

Today is the start of a festival at the northern Nigerian town Minna. Many literary events take place in the southern parts of the country and it seems that the northern parts are left behind and left on their own. Well, Minna takes up the challenge. Have a look at the website of this festival. 

Festival voor het Afrikaans

By the end of next week Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands, will host the festival of the Afrikaanse language will take place. The Afrikaner language is the third language in South Africa. Among the speakers of this language white folks are a minority. There is strong bond with the Dutch language, that came with the … Continue reading Festival voor het Afrikaans

1e édition des “Rencontres annuelles Méditerranée-Afrique des jeunes écrivaines” à Alger

Something new in the capital of the north African capital Alger. Young writers from northern African countries (bordering the sea) will gather for there first meetup. The National Library of Haman will play an important role in this event. Read more about this meetup here.  

Salon international du livre de Yaoundé: fin du chapitre III

In the capital city of the West African country Cameroon an international book fair was held. This is one of the articles talking about this fair. It is good that these fairs are being held, for it gives the general public the chance to keep in touch with developments in the world of books. 

Un pays qui n’a pas de salon du livre n’existe pas

This is quite a statement. A country that does not have a book fair does not exist. Fortunately since a few years Cameroon does exist. For this is the 3rd edition of the international book fair. One of the prominent guests is the writer Calixthe Beyala, who now lives in France. In this interview you … Continue reading Un pays qui n’a pas de salon du livre n’existe pas