Helon Habila, Maaza Mengiste named The New American Voices award judges

Helon Habila (Nigeria) and Maaza Mengiste (Ethiopia/USA) form, together with Madeleine Thein, USA), the jury of a literary prize. The prize is run by an organization with a long name. The name is the Institute for Immigration Research New American Voices Award. The winner of the prize will receive $5000.

Maaza Mengiste on defeating the sophomore slump

Writing a book is one thing. Writing your second book is quite another thing. You have managed to include so many brilliant ideas in your first book. You have robbed your past from many details and plots. Now you are brooding and brooding and slowly the ideas come for your second publication. Maaza Mengiste published … Continue reading Maaza Mengiste on defeating the sophomore slump

Maaza Mengiste, Carrie Brownstein, and Jill Filipovic on gender and power

The issue of gender is coming more and more to the fore. Gender is a multifacetted way of describing your personhood, your being YOU. To many gender is linked to power, who is calling the shots, who is defining and setting standards. Maaza Mengiste is one  of the speakers at a session on gender and … Continue reading Maaza Mengiste, Carrie Brownstein, and Jill Filipovic on gender and power

Maaza Mengiste talks about

Every picture tells a story. Some prefer to write stories, others prefer to shoot pictures. In the end both of them are storytellers, each in his or her own way.  Maaza Mengiste is a storyteller with words, just have a look at her books. In recent times she has also included a look at photographs, … Continue reading Maaza Mengiste talks about

this ethiopian prince

Sometimes we get a glimpse into history. Maaza Mengiste writes about a young Ethiopian boy, whose remains are kept in the United Kingdom. Attempts have been made to get his remains back to his country of origin. To no avail.  The next step in this story by Maaza Mengiste is present situation of refugees. She writes: … Continue reading this ethiopian prince

the best books on ethiopia

I think it is a tricky business to compile a list with best books. An editor did not shy away from compiling just such a list. He made a threesome of best books on Ethiopia.  I have to admit I have read only one out of three, the one by Nega Mezlekia. So there is … Continue reading the best books on ethiopia