the best books on ethiopia

I think it is a tricky business to compile a list with best books. An editor did not shy away from compiling just such a list. He made a threesome of best books on Ethiopia.  I have to admit I have read only one out of three, the one by Nega Mezlekia. So there is … Continue reading the best books on ethiopia

sudden flowers

The Ethiopia-rooted writer Maaza Mengiste draws attention to a book titled “Sudden Flowers”. The book contains many pictures shot in Ethiopia. Children who have met HIV/Aids are pictured. They have lost thier parents. Over many years Gottesman (= Man of God) travelled to Ethiopia to work on his project and involve the children in this … Continue reading sudden flowers

maaza mengiste joins wwb board

Today it has been announced by Words without Borders. This organisation wants to promote cultural understanding by publishing and translating international literature. On this blog I regularly refer to articles on the website of this non-profit organization. To new boardmembers have been invited to join the board. One of them is Maaza Mengiste.    

interview: maaza mengiste

She has travelled from Ethiopia to Kenya and on to the United States of America, where she settled. She did research in Ethiopia, Italy, Cuba and other places. She writes about Ethiopian events and the Revolution and all that jazz, even in Detroit.  What she says is worthwhile, so take a while. 

does going to see the tower of london poppies mean anything?

Still a few days to go and it is the eleventh of the eleventh month of the year. That day is a day of commemmoration of the end of the first world war: the great war.  In many countries the symbol of these day and the days of the great war is the poppy, the … Continue reading does going to see the tower of london poppies mean anything?

emmanuel iduma speaks to novelist maaza mengiste

She was riding the waves when her first book was published under the gaze of a wide audience and lions. She hails from Ethiopia and now she resides in the United States of America. She was part of discussions on the invading Italians into Ethiopia before the second world war. She talks about her work … Continue reading emmanuel iduma speaks to novelist maaza mengiste