Yambo Ouologuem, la mauvaise conscience des lettres

He lived in retirement already for many years and now he has passed away in the village of Sévaré in Mali. His name is Yambo Ouologuem and during his life he has been a critical literary voice, that got mixed reactions. He has been jubilated and he has been ridiculed.  Read more about his life … Continue reading Yambo Ouologuem, la mauvaise conscience des lettres

Why the chroniclers of Timbuktu

Timbuktu. The ancient city in the sand. The intellectual center of a vast area. People from far and wide travelled to the city, to study within its walls, to study the many books in the libraries. It has known its upheavals, even in recent times. The city has a fascinating history. Read a bit about … Continue reading Why the chroniclers of Timbuktu


What is like to be Afro-American in Africa? That is what Eddy wonders about. He does not entertain thoughts about his ancestry, like : I am able retrace the steps of my forefathers and foremothers. His journey starts in Paris, a town with many people coming from West Africa. They have gone to paris in … Continue reading review NATIVE STRANGER


Stuart is in a garage in a small town in Algeria. Another chance for repairs for his beloved vehicle. Yes, one more. A friend asked him to pick up a Landrover in the Central African Republic (CAR). Why not? He is accompanied by a young woman, not his wife, for his wife stays in the … Continue reading review MALARIA DREAMS

the logic of global war

Writers do not stay in their ivory tower. They move in the same world as we, readers, do.  They do their shopping, they watch telly, they have an opinion about many things, just as we have. Some writers make their opinion on politics known. They write about it. They make it part of their novels. … Continue reading the logic of global war