Jetzt hilft nur noch Mauritius

The French writer Jean-Marie Le Clézio has made an impact on the world of literature. Already at a young age he gained the Nobel Prize for Literature. He recently turned 80 and this picture was taken when he was at an earlier age. He published a new book, set in the island of Mauritius where … Continue reading Jetzt hilft nur noch Mauritius

Two books launched under the President’s Fund for Creative Writing

Two books have been launched in Mauritius, written by Bima Bappoo and  Abeenaaz Janally, each one book. The publication has been funded by the President’s Fund for Creative Writing (PFCW). The event took place at the town Bagatelle, no small thing. Read about it here. 


Who has ever heard of the dodo? In The Netherlands this extinct bird was made famous by the writer Boudewijn Büch (or was it the other way around?). The dodo is an extinct bird that lived at the island of mauritius and the small island around it. And what about all the other special animals … Continue reading review GOLDEN BATS AND PINK PIGEONS