“El amor, tal vez”: leyendo a Mia Couto en Manhattan

This is a short article on the writer Mia Couto, there is a link with New York City in the United States of America. The name of Manhattan is mentioned. But this all I could get from this article, that is written in Portuguese.


In this one book you will receive two stories. Mind you, not two independent stories, the first and the second, the first and the last. These two stories intertwine and get closer and closer. In one story you will read about two men, an old man Tuahir and a young boy Muidinga. They have escaped … Continue reading TERRA SONÂMBULA

12 key moments from 2015: the biggest books news of the year

South Africa’s Bookslive has selected 12 key moments out of all the many literary moments in the world of literary moments of the literary Africanity.

reading african writers

It is time to set some money aside for the new books that will come on the market during the second half of this year. Some promising books by African writers (with a strong Nigerian contribution). Have a good look at some of the goodies. 

man booker: the finalist speak

Here is your chance to get introduced to all the writers on the shortlist of the Man Booker International prize 2015. They describe their work, their literary heroes. Four of them come from Africa.

i remember you from our days

The writer Mia Couto wrote an open letter to the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma. The man from Mozambique remembers the days that Zuma lived in exile in the country north of the border. He wrote his letter in the days of the outburst of xenophobia in South Africa.  Couto remembers Zuma, when the … Continue reading i remember you from our days