Key feminist voice Minna Salami to be published

She made her name in many ways. One of these way is her blog and her second name Ms Afropolitan. On this blog she looks at the world of art and feminism from an African perspective. Next year she will publish a book titled Sensuous knowledge: A radical black feminist approach for everyone. The book … Continue reading Key feminist voice Minna Salami to be published

feminism needs global voices

It seems feminism is a village activity with a village mentality. I thought is was a urban activity with an urban mentality. Sweden is taken as a country in the lead, but even Sweden is changing. What will be the impact on the Swedish policies due to the influx of people from other countries and … Continue reading feminism needs global voices

these immigrants

I see two opposing trends. On the one hand I see a stress on the local situation in which people live. A movement of more political power for a small entity. On the other hand globalisation is getting stronger and stronger. In so many houses objects from all over the world have found a place. … Continue reading these immigrants

where are the women in african non-fiction?

The issue of the role of African women in African societies is drawing attention from different sides. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiuchie spoke about feminism. In the literary world of fiction it is clear that women from different African countries have taken up their frontline positions. But what happens with female writers who take up writing non-fiction? … Continue reading where are the women in african non-fiction?