13 things you may not know about

I read this book “The Poisonwood Bible” many years ago, long before I started this blog. This book made an impression. Looking at the family that was torn apart. Looking at the result of getting off course from the start. I have not read anything else by Kingsolver since, but thta is maybe due to … Continue reading 13 things you may not know about

hundreds of them

There were books. Hundreds of them. Put in cardboard boxes. Sorted in a way. Read by someone, old, young. Maybe some books were discarded unread. I searched my way around the boxes. And I ended up with five books to add to my collection. I will pile them next to my easy chair. Sometimes a … Continue reading hundreds of them

J F Ade Ajayi obituary

I have only one of his books on my shelves. A book surrounded by other books on Nigerian history, or to be more to the point: Nigerian Churchhistory.    It was published in 1965 and I bought it 22 years later on the other side of the continent. He wrote about “Christian Missions in Nigeria … Continue reading J F Ade Ajayi obituary


In the year 1972 the writer Cothrai Gogan arrived in Kenya as a missionary for the Holy Ghost Mission. He came at a time that the Vatican called the Mission to withdraw from its work in Kenya and hand over more and more responsibility to the local clergy and the diocese of Nairobi. In this … Continue reading review HOLY GHOST MISSION IN KENYA


Johan Winkler, een journalist, maakte een reis naar Frans Equatoriaal Afrika in de dagen dat het nog volop een Franse kolonie was. Hij begint zijn reis in de hoofdstad Brazzaville, die na de tweede wereldoorlog een groeispurt doormaakte door de implementatie van een 10-jarenplan, dat Frankrijk ongeveer 54 miljard Frank kostte. Brazzaville werd genoemd naar … Continue reading review NAAR HET LAND VAN BRAZZA EN ALBERT SCHWEITZER


Dr. Albert Schweitzer was not only famous with grown-ups. Several books about him were written for young people, to serve as an example. Look at this great man! What can you do to be of service to other people. Last week I made a note on a Dutch book for young people. This time it … Continue reading review DR. SCHWEITZER O.M.