Johan Winkler, een journalist, maakte een reis naar Frans Equatoriaal Afrika in de dagen dat het nog volop een Franse kolonie was. Hij begint zijn reis in de hoofdstad Brazzaville, die na de tweede wereldoorlog een groeispurt doormaakte door de implementatie van een 10-jarenplan, dat Frankrijk ongeveer 54 miljard Frank kostte. Brazzaville werd genoemd naar … Continue reading review NAAR HET LAND VAN BRAZZA EN ALBERT SCHWEITZER


Dr. Albert Schweitzer was not only famous with grown-ups. Several books about him were written for young people, to serve as an example. Look at this great man! What can you do to be of service to other people. Last week I made a note on a Dutch book for young people. This time it … Continue reading review DR. SCHWEITZER O.M.

review ODIKA

Really, this is a classic oldfashioned missionary story for children. Two boys from Africa (where in Africa?) experience a conflict with the local healer and protector of the traditions of the tribe. One of the boys has taken shelter in a sacred hut that is being used by the healer. The area where the boys … Continue reading review ODIKA


This is a collection of 42 stories by Aly Simpelaar about the time she and her husband spent in a rural area in the south eastern parts of Benin. Benin is a tiny state in West Africa. In olden days the country was named Dahomey. Aly and her husband worked for a missionary organization with … Continue reading review BIJZONDER BENIN

review ZULU-LAND

Lewis Grout has been a missionary for many years in the Zulu-region in South Africa. He was sent to this area by an American missionary organisation. He did much research into the lifestyle of the people he met, he published a grammar of the Zulu-language.  In this book he writes extensively about the life of … Continue reading review ZULU-LAND

review KUMI

‘Kumi’ means ‘ten’ in KiSwahili. there are six stories in this little book. Kumi is also the name of a small shoeshine boy in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. At home there is not sufficient money to go to school. One day he polishes the shoes of a whoite lady, and the next day again. This … Continue reading review KUMI