a dry white season

A book and a movie can be strange bedfellows, even when the movie is an adaptation of the book.  The book A dry white season, written by the South African writer André Brink, was made into a movie and launched in 1989. On the eightteenth of July, 2015, this movie will be shown at the … Continue reading a dry white season

biafra revisited

She wrote the book and the book was made into a movie. You can read and you can watch. The book was published in the year 2007 and takes you back to the independence of Nigeria and to a devestating civil war. A war still remembered. Remembered by the pictures of starving children, darkened plavnes … Continue reading biafra revisited

hotel des mille collines

Twenty years ago disaster struck Rwanda. A manmade disaster. Thousand upon thousands were slaughtered. Shortly afterwards we met a young man who had fled his country. He was from a Hutu and a Tutsi background. He did not trust anybody. We were outside  from the box he had been living in. We could talk in … Continue reading hotel des mille collines

thandie newton on half of a yellow sun

To me there is a tension between books and filmadaptions of a book. When I read a book I see things happening. I walk with a character. I see the landscapes. I hear voices coming from pages.  An adaption can shatter these experiences. The landscape is different, passage are excluded, other passages were never part … Continue reading thandie newton on half of a yellow sun