The combination Cairo and Cape Town has a strong appeal. In the first month of 1995 a large team of a Dutch Broadcasting Corporation left for the important journey from Cairo to Cape Town. On board during the long journey were several well known broadcasters who made regular broadcasts. The team visited several aid projects. … Continue reading review ANDER AFRIKA


In many different ways people cross the African continent. Since Grogan, one of the foremost Kenyan settlers, walk from Cape Town to Cairo to win the love of his life, people got on their pushbike, crept into a small plane, used a heavy 4×4 to master the continent. Peter Moore tries to forget his broken … Continue reading review SWAHILI FOR THE BROKENHEARTED


The writer is wellknown for his Wallander-books, that have been turned into popular tv-series. But Wallander is not the only arrow on his bow. He is involved in theaterwork and children’s books and Mozambique. A large part of the year he lives in that African country. So it is no accident that Africa turns up … Continue reading review ELDENS HEMLIGHET


The Dutch writer of this book, Femke van Zeijl (1971), is a freelance journalist, who travelled in many African countries. Often she stayed in the urban areas, where she got into touch with local people. In this book she describes life in several cities. She connects each town with a theme. In Luanda the theme … Continue reading review GIN-TONIC & CHOLERA