On the rise – and cost – of the African novel in English

When I think of the quest for African literature in one of the local languages of the African soil, the name of Ngugi wa Thiongo springs to my mind. He started writing in his own vernecular. In this article by his son Mukoma the name of Chinua Achebe is mentioned, that was a bit of … Continue reading On the rise – and cost – of the African novel in English

The Mabati-Cornell KiSwahili Prize for African literature 2017 reading

It is a serious prize. It is about the Mabati-Cornell Prize for African Literature 2017. The prizes have been announced, people turned up, writers, and those who judged. Looking at the pictures and the video’s it seems to be that the audience was limited to a few people, unfortunately. But be your own judge and look … Continue reading The Mabati-Cornell KiSwahili Prize for African literature 2017 reading

writing in african languages

Mukoma wa Thiong’o writes about the use of African languages in the art of writing. But this process starts in an earlier stage. What to think about the use of languages at primary and secondary school? What will be the language of instruction? Will other languages be allowed at the playground? 

the immortals: the ngugis

Their return to Kenya has not gone unnoticed. In front the writer Ngugi was Thiong’o who celebrates 50 years of Weep not child. He is accompanied by his children who are not foreign to the pen and words and books themselves. 

does writing in african languages

The Ugandan writer Bwesigye bwa Mwesigire takes up the issue of language and literature and Africa. Does African literature has to be written in an indigenous language? Just skip all the languages that did not originate on the African Continent (English, French, Portugese, Afrikaner, Arabic, German, maybe I have left out a few)? We can … Continue reading does writing in african languages

shot in the arm for kiswahili

Another prize has entered the stage. This time the prize is geared towards literature published in Kiswahili, the language widely spoken in eastern Africa.  The prize was founded recently by Mukoma wa Ngugi (yes, indeed, son of .. , and a writer in his own right) and Lizzy Attree (yes, indeed, from the Caine Prize).