distorted view of nairobi

STANDARD DIGITAL, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 27th 2013 By JENIFFER MUCHIRI How best does one describe their homeland? The title of Mukoma wa Ngugi’s novel, Nairobi Heat, raises one’s curiosity to find out what the writer has to say about Nairobi. Mukoma is the son of Ngugi wa Thing’o and this alone would arouse readers’ interest in … Continue reading distorted view of nairobi

pen 2013: the ‘african writer’

It is a matter of identity, personal identity, literary identity. What is an African writer? One spells it with a capital ‘A’. Another one spells it with a capital ‘W’.  In April/May this year PEN brought together some writers from Africa to talk about this issue of identity. So many voices with differing ideas. The … Continue reading pen 2013: the ‘african writer’