Britain’s hostile environment has been a century in the making

Throughout the ages people have travelled from one place to another. Sometimes one person on his own. Sometimes larger family groups. Sometimes even larger groups bound by language or culture or religion. People movements have a long history. People left for a reason and hoped to be accepted elsewhere even without a reason. The writer … Continue reading Britain’s hostile environment has been a century in the making

Sixth edition of LLF starts Feb 24

So what does LLF stand for? Maybe your are thinking of of a Festival. You are right. One of the ‘L’s must be from literature. You are right for the second time. But what about the second ‘L’? Lingala? Luanda? Lomé? Lodwar? The other ‘L’ stands for Lahore, the capital city of Pakistan. Two writers … Continue reading Sixth edition of LLF starts Feb 24

‘As I chose the snowman’s eyes, I realised I had an audience …’

She was five years young and she moved to a house with a garden. It was the winter of 1987 and she discovered new things and she built a snowman. Nadifa Mohamed who was born in Somali still remembers this time in the new garden. A new world. A new field of discovery. She writes … Continue reading ‘As I chose the snowman’s eyes, I realised I had an audience …’

Britain’s clampdown on FGM

Several European countries try to clamp down on FGM. But it is a difficult road to travel. Some girls are during holiday times to their country of origin where the cut is performed. Other have it done in secret in their own surroundings. What has happened in the United Kingdom? The British / Somalian writer … Continue reading Britain’s clampdown on FGM

somalis returning to the motherland

When people from Somalia move to another country, e.g. in Europe, they enter a culture that is different from what was theirs. They adjust or they clash. What happens when these people move back to Somalia or Somaliland? Maybe just for a holiday or for a longer period. What do they find when they return … Continue reading somalis returning to the motherland

somaliland: conversation with nadifa

Hurry! Hurry! For tonight there is a meeting with the writer Nadifa Mohamed (1981), born in Hargeisa. You have to travel to a place in London, United Kingdom so see and hear her. Mary Harper joins Nadifa. Mary works with the BBC World Service (recognize the tune ?!) . The two ladies will talk about … Continue reading somaliland: conversation with nadifa