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nadine gordimer’s 92nd birthday

Today 92 years ago Nadine Gordimer was born. She passed away last year. To honour her Google has decided to put her in the spotlight, by dedicating the Doodle to her.

Nadine Gordimer’s 92nd Birthday


one year later

One year after the death of the celebrated South African author Nadine Gordimer the writer Karina M. Szczurek return to the notes of the days and takes herself back to those and not just to Nadine. 


the top ten contemporary african writers

I could not find the date of publication of this article on African writers. It is a top ten of contemporary writers. Tops are always debatable. So is this one. I noticed Wole Soyinka is missing. He won a Nobel Prize for Literature, no mean achievement, in 1986. Or J.M Coetzee, who won the prize in 2003. And what about Naguib Mahfouz, who won the prize in 1988? 

Everyone is entitled to his or her own list. 

What do you think? Who should have been included in the list? 

Chinua Achebe | © Prachatai/Flickr

remembering nadine gordimer

She heard about it in the modern way, via a tweet and then another tweet. Zukiswa Wanner remembers Nadine Gordimer, an old lady who was an inspiration to social activists, writers and politicians. 




saluting nadine gordimer’s sharp pen

Even after passing away the South African writer Nadine Gordimer is the cornerstone. The cornerstone of the literary festival held by the paper Mail & Guardian in South Africa. Here you find a report by the same paper on this festival. 

UFS senior research professor Pumla Gbodo-Madikizela discusses her book 'Dare We Hope?’ in which she addresses the crisis of moral leadership in SA. (Delwyn Verasamy)


the unfinished reading of

On her death the writer Nadine Gordimer from South Africa received praise in glowing eulogies. But there has been some criticism as well. According to Godwin Siundu there was criticism from South African writers levelled against Nadine Gordimer.

Why was that? Why did they criticize her? Has she been in a special position, because as a white person she criticised apartheid? But not only apartheid, her voice rang against all other forms of injustice as well.  

Just read this article.

A photo taken on January 21, 1980 shows of South African writer and anti-apartheid activist Nadine Gordimer. Nadine Gordimer died at the age of 90, it was announced on July 14, 2014. PHOTO/AFP

mail and guardian literary festival

Later on this month the Mail & Guardian will host its fifth literary festival in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Th efestival is dedicated to the South African author Nadine Gordimer, who passed away earlier tthis year. 

There is a special guest at the festival. Her name is Okwiri Oduor and she is from Kenya. She won this year’s Cain Prize for African Writing.

Nadine Gordimer. (Delwyn Verasamy, M&G)