How many people have travelled from Cape to Cairo over the years? Some have become famous, some have stayed in the background. Some have travelled on foot, some used a pushbike, others used a car. Ton van der Lee has joined the long list of travellers. For the writer of this book Africa was not … Continue reading review DE AFRIKAANSE WEG

More than just an object

These days the southern African country Namibia seems to be known for its shifting sand dunes. Shifting sands and shifting colours. Till just over a century ago Namibia was a German colony (1884 – 1915), carrying the name Deutsch-Südwestafrika.  One of the colonial officers was Heinrich Ernst Göring (a son of him rose to fame in … Continue reading More than just an object


This is not a story of success. It is a story of a Swiss couple that moved to the very south of Africa. The man, an trained farmer, gets a job on a farm in the Venda area near Louis Trichard. Max has some experience abroad, an experience he gained during his training. Margrit is … Continue reading KLEINES HAUS IM DSCHUNGEL

author profile mvula ya nangolo

Mvula ya Nangolo is a poet from Namibia. For many years he lived in exile in Germany, after he had joined the SWAPO. In that country he discovered his poetical side. He studied journalism. At the moment he is one of the advisors to the Minister of Information and Communication Technology.