A Novelist and Critic on Fictionalizing Zambian History

Born in Zambia in the year 1980 Namwali Serpell now teaches at the university of California (USA). In this interview she tells how her debut book ‘The Old Drift’ came to be and about her teaching. Before her debut she wrote essays and reviewed books. 

Glossing Africa

‘Habari yako?’ Could I make a start like this? Should I write a translation at the bottom of this page?  Should I put the translation between brackets? Or just leave at as it is?  All kinds of possibilities. So what will a writer / editor / publisher do with the odd word out?  Namwali Serpell … Continue reading Glossing Africa

Namwali Serpell: Being Zambitious

She teaches American literature to American Students, while coming from Zambia herself. This should not be a special things in a globalizing world. Just like an American teaching African literature somewhere at an African university or writing about it. The world is shrinking (in some ways) and we are getting closer. Even a man with … Continue reading Namwali Serpell: Being Zambitious

rad women read

She shot to fame due to her story that was selected by the Caine Prize. Here you can listen to her reading another story. “Z is for Zora”. Her name is Namwali Serpell and she hails from Zambia, these days she lives and works in the United States of Diaspora, to be more precise UC … Continue reading rad women read