BY THE BOOK: Mapule Mohulatsi

She is a student at the University of Witwatersrand (Wits) in South Africa. She pursues a Masters degree in Arts. Her name is Mapule Mohulatsi and she has written several stories that have been published in magazines. She would love to have dinner with NoViolet Bulawayo. Her debut made a lasting impact on the life of Mapule. … Continue reading BY THE BOOK: Mapule Mohulatsi


Why did this book stay for such a long time unread by me? I do not know. The spine looked at me many times, and every time I tried to avoid that look and continue with my life and other books. The time has come. The time is now. Paradise is near. It is the … Continue reading Review of WE NEED NEW NAMES

noviolet bulawayo interviews chinelo

I could not find the date of publication of this interview. Chinelo Okparanta has just published her novel ‘Under the udala trees”, so I have decided to publish it today. Nothing lost, nothing gained? Gained a good interview on the writing of Chinelo.

8 books by female zimbabwean

I  could not mention eight books by Zimbabwean female authors. This list helps me in getting a wider scope. Familiar names, but also new names (to me). 

the african renaissance

Nana writes about the renaissance in African Literature over the last few years. She talks about the issue of language (Ngugi !), the identity of the African writer and the influence of the diaspora.