swear not to look

Here you find  a link to a short story by the Kenyan writer Okwiri Oduor. The story is nominated for the Pushcart Prize. 

my writing never obeys me

African writing? Post-colonial writing? Ethnic writing?  Okwiri Oduor, from Kenya, talks about this issue of identity and roots in this interview. But she also touches upon the subject of creativity. What is the leading force or who is?  The story writes itself. Does it? Where is Okwiri left in the proces? Well maybe it is … Continue reading my writing never obeys me

meet okwiri oduor

She rose to instant fame when she was awarded the Caine Prize for African Writing this year. Suddenly she is the woman everyone wants to meet. She travels widely to tell about her work and I hope she will not only meet many people, but also many readers of her work. The South African magazine … Continue reading meet okwiri oduor

what i want to do is to tell a good story

At the end of July 2014 the Kenyan author Okwiri Oduor visited South Africa. She did not go down south for a pleasant holiday for relaxation, but she went to  Cape Town to be at the popular Book Lounge to launch a book. Okwiri Oduor captured the trophy of the 2014 Caine Prize for African … Continue reading what i want to do is to tell a good story

okwiri oduor unapologetic about being herself

Okwiri received the Caine Prize and she was in South Africa for a literary festival. During her time in the South she was interviewed about herself, about her old name and her new name and why the change had taken place.  Okwiri is not keen on divulging private information, but still this interview is a … Continue reading okwiri oduor unapologetic about being herself