A rocky road to Zimbabwe

In this article the Zimbabwean writer Panashe Chigumadzi writes about the effects of the disappearance of the Robert Mugabe from the centre of power. He has been leading the country from the start of independence. Panashe takes the Zimbabwean ruins and her ancestors as founding elements of her country. But is this sufficient?  Advertisements

The Indigo Press in the launch of their first book, These bones will rise again

The events are still new in our memories. The events in the country of Zimbabwe where uncle Bob had to to step down, forced by the military and rising displeasure by the people of this country. The recent decades in Zimbabwean history come to the fore in the novel These bones will rise. This book … Continue reading The Indigo Press in the launch of their first book, These bones will rise again

panashe chigumadzi’s debut novel sweet

Is she a behaving coconut? This question can we ask Panashe Chigumadze. She gave a speech as a Ruth First Fellow. Now she has written and published her debut novel about Sweet Medicine. This book was warmly welcomed especially by younger readers, a world to win. Many enthousiasts turned up at the Book Lounge to … Continue reading panashe chigumadzi’s debut novel sweet

panashe chigumadzi on her debut novel, ‘sweet medicine’

Her name was already known but now she has published her first novel. The title of this novel is “Sweet Medicine”. The protagonist is a young woman from Zimbabwe. In Harare she tries to survive and find love. In those days the economy was on its way down. How can Tsitsi survive? The writer Panashe Chigumadzi … Continue reading panashe chigumadzi on her debut novel, ‘sweet medicine’

a proud witness

Zukiswa Wanner had been invited last month to come to Witwatersrand University in South Africa. The purpose was twofold. To launch a book by Panashe Chigumadzi and to attend a colloquium. When she arrived things had changed and students were on the move through the streets and the political institutions. Zukiswa was a witness and she … Continue reading a proud witness