thank you, dear comrade paul

Paul Morris did fight in Angola in those old days, when the South African Defence Force tried to eliminate opponents of the apartheid regime. Paul did some rethinking and cycling, took his peddlemachine to his former warzone. And he wrote a book about it, “Back to Angola”. Now a South African, Shani Haricharan, who took a … Continue reading thank you, dear comrade paul

ex s.african soldier pedals back

Earlier this year, March, Paul Morris published his book on his bicycle-ride to Angola. He had fought in the South African army and he spend time in the bush, fighting in Angola. Now he wanted to return, with peaceful means and with a peaceful attitude.  Here you find a short video about his intentions and … Continue reading ex s.african soldier pedals back

back to angola

Angola is an oil-rich country in the south-west of the African continent. Many people have benefitted from the riches that oil has brought to the country. The capital city is one of the most expensive cities in the world.  But there is a great divide, many people still live in poverty. They see riches from … Continue reading back to angola