Remembering David Rubadiri, the father of East African poetry

I have to admit that I did not know his name. I am just scratching the surface of African literature. A wide subject with depth.  Recently David Rubadiri from Malawi passed away. He made a name for himself and for poetry. In this article you will more about his legacy.   Advertisements

Between Worlds

One of the greatest pop icons of the world was born on Zanzibar. His name was Farrokh Bulsara. He was better known as Freddy Mercury, frontman of the band Queen.  A great name in poetry from the very same island is the one of Haji Gora Haji, an informal poet laureate. His head is filled with … Continue reading Between Worlds

How grief shaped my poems

What is the source of your poetry. The poet Saddiq Dzukogi tells about the background of his recent poetry. An important event is the acceptation for a Ph.D. study at the Nebraska University (USA). It is just one of the life changing events in recent times. Read more about it in this article.  

Bekendstelling van Ingrid Jonker – ’n biografie deur Petrovna Metelerkamp

Not long ago her correpondence with the writer André Brink has been published. Now a biography of the South African poet Ingrid Jonker has been published. Her poetry and her life have not faded away nor drifted to far away shores. Her work is still with us. Petrovna Metelerkamp has done a good job. In … Continue reading Bekendstelling van Ingrid Jonker – ’n biografie deur Petrovna Metelerkamp