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Poet profile: Siphokazi Jonas

It is always good to pay attention to poets. This time the limelight is focussed on the South African lady Siphokazi Jonas. She has studied at University, did her work in the fields of Drama and English language and literature. After she finished her studies she took more and more time to make her name in the field of poetry and this combined with drama. Read more about her activities here




Awaking to freedom

The need for freedom seems to be a human need.
Freedom is often used in demonstrations, in discussions, in ugly stand-offs, in signed papers.
But what is our present when we long for freedom?
What will be our future when we desire freedom?
Freedom from what?
Freedom to do what?

The South African poet Athol Williams wrote a few poems on this very topic of freedom. Read them here and reflect upon his thoughts.

En Sudáfrica triunfa la poesía experimental de Koleka Putuma

Here some news about a collection of poetry by the South African poet Koleka Putuma. The title of the collection is ‘Collective Amnesia’. It is experimental poetry.

Let us not forget that.

Privately or collectively.  

Younger poets mourn a master

Recently the famous poet Keorapetse Kgositsile passed away. He was not a man living isolation, but he inspired many others to to take steps, how small, into the field of poetry and writing in general. In this article some tell us about the inspiring example of Bra Willie. Generations: Keorapetse Kgositsile, Phillipa Yaa De Villiers and James Matthews at the 12th International Poetry Festival in Havana, Cuba, in May 2017.




Ugandan-Canadian Bitek wins Glenna Luschei literary prize

She was born in 1982 in the Kenya capital city Nairobi. Her parents were Ugandan. Now she lives in Canada. She writes poetry and she has won a literary prize. Maybe you have thought: could she be the daughter of …  Yes, indeed she is the daughter of Okot p’Bitek.

Ugandan-Canadian poet Juliane Okot Bitek has

Read more about her and her poetic activities here



Why Christopher Okigbo matters 50 years after

Yes, one of his publications is in the shifting header on my blog. His name is Christopher Okigbo and he was a famous writer and poet from the southern parts of Nigeria. He died during the civil war, where he fought on the side of Biafra.

Ali Mazrui, the Kenyan and global giant, wrote a book (The trial of Christopher Okigbo) on the attitude of Okigbo in choosing this military life.

What is the legacy of Okigbo, 50 years on? Read about it here

Why I consider poetry an endangered art form

Recently I looked at the website of a small publishing house. A quick look at the criteria for new manuscript showed me the very same thing as Ikeogu Oke shows in this article. The publishing did not want to receive collections of poetry as a debut in the literary world. Probably the chance is that no one wants to buy a collection by an unknown poet. Read more about the thoughts of Ikeogu Oke hereIkeogu Oke