What kind of novel is this book by the late South African writer André Brink? Is it a historical novel? Is it a psychological novel? Is it a thriller? Is it a political statement? Is it ….? This beautiful novel can be read in many ways. You can peel off layer after layer. You may … Continue reading review AN INSTANT IN THE WIND


This is what visitors to South Africa said in the 1950’s : Ah, but your land is beautiful. The South African writer Alan Paton (1903 – 1988) wrote this sentence in his book several times. Yes, a beautiful land, but what about the politics and the rule of law and the mutual understandings? In the … Continue reading review AH, BUT YOUR LAND IS BEAUTIFUL


A boxing glove hit my stomach at full speed. It left me with a sick feeling and a painful head. The glove came with a name and the hand in it came with a name. ‘A dry white season’ and ‘André Brink’. The South African writer Brink passed away in 2015 when he was on … Continue reading Review A DRY WHITE SEASON

Les Rwandais ne veulent pas être otages de leur passé »

The Rwandan novelist Scholastique Mukasonga writes about the events that took place 25 years ago in Rwanda. The death of unnumerous people. Women, men, children. The year 1994 is etched in our collective memory, but is not just 194, years before and years after lives were torn apart and dumped on the graveyard of history, … Continue reading Les Rwandais ne veulent pas être otages de leur passé »

Role of women in Mau Mau has been ignored

The Kenyan writer Kui Kitonga looked back into history to find role models for children. She delved into the times of the attempt to gain independence from the colonial masters in Kenya. The days of the Mau Mau were filled by men. Were women absent? In her research Kui discovered female warriors. Now she has … Continue reading Role of women in Mau Mau has been ignored

RIP Hugh Lewin (1939 – January 16 2019)

His life spanned many decades of political upheaval within and outside South Africa. He wrote books, was a journalist, trained journalists and he was active to oppose the forces of apartheid in South Africa. Now Hugh Lewin has passed away. In this article you will read about his life struggling for justice.