Young writers receive government backing

The land of so many hills, devoid of plastic bags. The land with so many memories, hidden and exposed. The land with a past and a future. The land with budding writers. Now these writers get government support. I hope that this support will not stifle them in their literary ambitions and deviations and thoughts … Continue reading Young writers receive government backing


Last Tuesday I drew your attention to the book ‘Life with Daktari, written by Susanne Hart. In this book she talks about people she met during her time in Kenya where she worked as a vet, specialized in wildlife. One of these people was George Schaller, reading this name, I thought: I have come across … Continue reading THE YEAR OF THE GORILLA

The magic of storytelling

They came together at a public library in Kigali, the capital city of the landlocked African country Rwanda. They were writers, storytellers. They were invited as shortlisted writers for the Husa Press Prize for Fiction. They talked about their stories, about their reasons for writing.  Read more about this meeting here.  


These are the days that a tomtom is a navigationsystem in your car. In the olden days a tomtom was a kind of drum. The times have changed. Indeed the times have changed since Attilio Gatti wrote his books, based on his extensive travels in Africa. Gatti (1896 – 1969) hailed from Italy and he … Continue reading TOM-TOMS IN THE NIGHT / BLACK MIST


This book is a monument for all those died during their time in service for national parks in Congo and Rwanda. The writer (1926 – 2014) was a biologist who worked for the colonial government in Congo and later for the government of independent Zaire. For twenty years (1948 – 1968) he served as a … Continue reading MOURIR POUR LES ÉLEPHANTS