I had never heard the name of the author, Egbert Ausema, before. He published this novel through a publishing house that specialized in authors who want to publish on their own account.  This novel shows us the life of a refugee from Somalia, who recently arrived in The Netherlands. His father was from English descent … Continue reading review EEN VLUCHTELING VOOR ISWALDA

Somali writer Ubah Cristina Ali Farah speaks of trauma intertwined with beauty in her story “Jujube”

How many people have left Somalia? We do not know, but many have left and many have found a refugee in another country. Ubah Christina Ali Farah wrote a story about Ayan, a Somali refugee looking for a safe haven. When you follow this link you will the voice of Ubah. 

Britain’s hostile environment has been a century in the making

Throughout the ages people have travelled from one place to another. Sometimes one person on his own. Sometimes larger family groups. Sometimes even larger groups bound by language or culture or religion. People movements have a long history. People left for a reason and hoped to be accepted elsewhere even without a reason. The writer … Continue reading Britain’s hostile environment has been a century in the making

Sixth edition of LLF starts Feb 24

So what does LLF stand for? Maybe your are thinking of of a Festival. You are right. One of the ‘L’s must be from literature. You are right for the second time. But what about the second ‘L’? Lingala? Luanda? Lomé? Lodwar? The other ‘L’ stands for Lahore, the capital city of Pakistan. Two writers … Continue reading Sixth edition of LLF starts Feb 24


Let us go back to the year 1977, maybe some of you were not even born. In the month October, the 13th day a plane left the airport at the Spanish island Palma de Mallorca to fly to the German city of Frankfurt. The Lufhansa plane carried 86 passengers, many of whom had enjoyed a … Continue reading review of MOGADISHU FENSTERPLATZ