Britain’s clampdown on FGM

Several European countries try to clamp down on FGM. But it is a difficult road to travel. Some girls are during holiday times to their country of origin where the cut is performed. Other have it done in secret in their own surroundings. What has happened in the United Kingdom? The British / Somalian writer … Continue reading Britain’s clampdown on FGM

Warsan Shire: the Somali-British poet

The Horn of Africa is a hotbed for literature. To many people the place is a field of devastation. A flatbed of sand. A stony circle of death. Water lapping at a lifeless coast of piracy. Literature has its roots deep in the cultures that inhabit these places and who have migrated across the swamps … Continue reading Warsan Shire: the Somali-British poet


This is the fourth book by Waris Dirie that I have read. Waris is a former topmodel from Somalia who now fights the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). She calles this practice a crime. I found three stories in this book. One story is the visit of her mother who is very ill to … Continue reading BRIEF AN MEINE MUTTER


Ayaan Hirsi Ali (or as it used to be Ayaan Hirsi Magen) is a Somalia-born former Dutch politician. In this book she tells about her background in Somalia, her ancestry (very important), the clan she belongs (very important), Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Kenya. Her father is involved in Somalian politics in the days of the … Continue reading INFIDEL