The last information I read on the long distance runner Haile Gebrselassie was that he intended to take up arms and join the Ethiopian army to fight against the inserruction in his home country. This man with so a long list of victories no longer runs the races to compete for world titles or Olympic … Continue reading review HAILE GEBRSELASSIE

The history of football in Nigeria

The World Championship Football is played out on fields in Russia. One of the participants is the Green Eagles team. The national squad from Nigeria. Nigerian football has seen many famous names, some of the players have played and play for major teams in Europa (and other continents) where they have gained glory. Think of … Continue reading The history of football in Nigeria

legend kadenge launches biography

Kenyan sports is dominated by long-distance runners (and a little problem with drugs and attitude of officials). Soccer is played in Kenya as well, but on the world scene this sport is not as important as athletics. Joe Kadenge was an important soccer player and a book has been written about his life and career. … Continue reading legend kadenge launches biography

when the lions came to town

President Nelson Mandela donned a shirt of the Springboks, the story ended up in a book and was turned into a movie with Morgan Freeman. It was a very good publicity-move, for rugby is very, very important in South Africa. And why not use it for your own political aims?  In 1974 the political aims … Continue reading when the lions came to town

review WEMBLEY

Wembley is the name of the beautiful and historic soccer stadium the the British capital. Wembley is also the name of a young soccer player from an unnamed country in West Africa. He managed to travel to The Netherlands and hopes to make a name for himself in the soccerworld and especially he hopes to … Continue reading review WEMBLEY