‘I’m ashamed not to have read The Color Purple’

In a Kenyan newspaper I follow a series named BY THE BOOK. Often young writers tell about books that have been important to them in their life. Now I came across an article in a British newspaper, asking a writer, a well known writer, about books in her life. In this article Taiye Selasi answers … Continue reading ‘I’m ashamed not to have read The Color Purple’

fiction writing

At the forthcoming Ake festival there will be session on the art of writing fiction. They have managed to get some famous writers to give these classes (or facilitate these sessions). They are Helon Habila, Taiye Selasi and  Nnedi. There is still the opportunity to participate.

i am not my hair

“A Hair. A hair. My kingdom for a hair.” This is the famous statement by the playwright William Hairspeare. The writer (I am waiting for her second novel) Taiye Sealsi writes about hair-issues and personal issues and identity. ‘A’ names have the day. Look at the daughters of the Dutch King. He has triple A. … Continue reading i am not my hair