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an xmas wish: stay woke

A story to be pondered.

A story written by the South African writer Thando Mgqolozana, who caused a stir earlier this year with his remarks about the white literary system.


call for books to kickstart

For those of you who leave in or near Cape Town you now have a golden opportunity to donate your African inspired books for a good cause. Read more about it here. Some writers have come into action.

long story short: watch khulu

The meeting a long meeting short. They had to leave the library for the library wanted to close at regular hours. But the meeting happened, inside out and outside in.  

Listen and watch Khulu Skenjana reading a story by Thando Mgqolozana. 

long story short event

It is not easy to have a literary event unhampered in South Africa. At one event a writer made known he would not attend similar festivals.

At another event (with the very same writer, o irony), the meeting was cut short by those in power at the library. The library is finished, as one of those in attendance said. 

Read more about this event with an inside and outside side to it.

Long Story Short event

how to be a writer, part 1

He caused a storm with his comments at the Franschhoek Literary Festival (South Africa). The storm has not settled and rages on. 

Now he has taken time to sit down (not in a windfree spot) to answer some questions posed by Books Live.

Thando Mgqolozana

a new chapter for sa literature

Mandla Langa is the executive vice-president of the South African PEN. He has taken part in the discussion that started with high speed at the Franschhoek Literary Festival recently. There was a writer who declared he would no longer attend white literary festivals. Another discussion was called at #LitApartheid. The discussion is not over yet.

Now Langa has put forward the idea of a National Writers’ Conference.  The debate is still going on. And I hope some good writing will come out of it.

Mandla Langa

how to hack the ‘colonial literary sytem’

The debate still rages on, at least the articles on the debate still come flooding in. The debate that was offically started at the Franschhoek Literary Festival in South Africa. At that Festival the writer Thando Mgqolozana made known (not for the first time) that he will no longer attend white literary festivals.

At an other meeting under the #LitApartheid people discussed implications, actions, new ways. One of these ways (not very new) is self-publishing. Mofenyi Malepe talked about his experience in this field. Maybe this will be a black post-colonial literary structure. 

Guests at the debate on decolonising the literary system