A Medley of Encounters

I have read quite a number of travel books. Travellers crossing border after border, travelling by foot or bicycle or by car through parts of the immense continent of Africa. One common thread in all these travelogues is the difficulty of crossing borders. The hardship of going from one country to another. Papers do not … Continue reading A Medley of Encounters


The writer of this travelogue is Fiona Stax Ledger who worked for the BBC Africa Service for about ten years. During this period she travelled to many countries, met many people, saw many sceneries, she travelled in many way to many places. In this book she recounts moments of this period chasing news, but in … Continue reading MR BIGSTUFF AND THE GODDESS OF CHARM


The use of the khat leaves is in some countries forbidden, at other places the use of khat is a national passtime, surrounded by rituals, a way of life. When the United Kingdom decided to ban the use of khat, the khat farmers in Kenya were very angry. They saw a loss, an immense loss … Continue reading EATING THE FLOWERS OF PARADISE


These are the days that a tomtom is a navigationsystem in your car. In the olden days a tomtom was a kind of drum. The times have changed. Indeed the times have changed since Attilio Gatti wrote his books, based on his extensive travels in Africa. Gatti (1896 – 1969) hailed from Italy and he … Continue reading TOM-TOMS IN THE NIGHT / BLACK MIST


This is a story of a man and his camels and a stretch of sand. It is the story of Philippe Frey and his epic journey from the eastern ways bordering the Red Sea till the end at the Atlantic Ocean at Mauretania. He travels with two camels and he rides one of them or … Continue reading NOMADE BLANC

british research fellow laments decline of nigerian travel writing

She turned up at the lion’s den when she adressed the gathering at an International Lecture Series titled: “Journey to the Hinterland: The Rise of Nigerian Travel Writing in Yoruba and English, 1923-1937,”. Her name is dr. Rebecca Jones and she was present at Ondo, Nigeria. She told the audience to pay attention to the … Continue reading british research fellow laments decline of nigerian travel writing