EXTRACT | Tsitsi Dangarembga’s This Mournable Body

Published last year, this latest fruit from Tsisti’s tree tells the story of Tambudzai (yes, the one from Nervous Conditions) who ends up in Harare. We follow her struggles to survive in this town. At every turn she has to look around carefully. Read this extract.


The title of this book is title from a line by Fanon’s in his “The wretched of the earth”. ‘The condition of native is a nervous condition.’  This is a story set in the sixties in the last century, when Zimbabwe was Rhodesia. It is a story of a clash between two views on society, … Continue reading NERVOUS CONDITIONS

tsitsi dangaremgba to produce

These days I am reading Nervous Conditions. I do not feel nervous for the book is a pleasant read. And yes, I know, I am lagging behind, but a good book will last. Now the writer of Nervous Conditions, Tsitsi Dangaremgba, will produce a film, based on the novel The Thunder That Roars, written by … Continue reading tsitsi dangaremgba to produce

dramatic end to film festival

She made a name for herself with her debut novel ‘Nervous Conditions’. Now there are some nervous situations in the Zimbabwean art circles.  Comment were made, remarks were posted. Tsitsi was blasted (or was she?). Race and gender and film and books. Ingredients for a new novel.  Read a newspaper story about it.

excerpt from tsitsi dangaremba

Her book ‘Nervous Conditions’ lies on top of one of the two piles next to my easy chair. By the way the piles do not seem to decrease in height. I wonder why. ‘Nervous Conditions’ was her first book, and more followed. Here you find a bit of her latest addition to the field of … Continue reading excerpt from tsitsi dangaremba