As a lionness she wanted to protect her children, this is what Esma Abdelhamid (1960) writes (with the help of Marianne Moesle) in this book. It is the story of a mother who does not want to be separated from her three children, no matter what tradition in her male-dominated Tunesian culture says and stipulates. … Continue reading Review of LÖWENMUTTER

Rencontre littéraire avec le romancier Yamen Manaï

There will be meeting at Tunis with the Tunesian writer Yamen Manaï. Is there a special reason for this event in the capital city? It is special that he lives in France and now will come to Tunis, crossing the Mare Nostra to reach Tunis to talk about his latest novel ‘L’amas ardent’. Read more about … Continue reading Rencontre littéraire avec le romancier Yamen Manaï

l’interview du dimanche avec Anouar El Fati

Here you will find an interview with the Tunesian author on the present situation in Tunesia. What is the state of the country? What is the state of literature in this country? How about the situation of the French language (of the former colonizer) in the world of literature in Tunesia?