creative writing workshops

There is still the discussion raging about teaching creative writing. It started in the United States of America (this teaching !) and has spread all around over the Anglophone world. Will it deliver results? How many good writers had their start at classes as these? I do not know. Maybe a good editor at a … Continue reading creative writing workshops

aufklärer im islam

His father was an islamic theologian in Tunesia. His grandfather was professor at a centuries old university in Tunesia. Abdelwahab was a writer who was born in Tunesia and since 1967 he lived in France. The Arab spring started in Tunesia, but people are still looking for spring in many places. A political spring is … Continue reading aufklärer im islam

l’ecrivain franco-tunisien

On the fifth of november he passed away, Abdelwahab Meddeb. He was rooted in Tunesia and in France. He was a scholar who wrote about Islam and muslims. Last year he published with the historian Benjamin Stora a study on the relation between jews and muslims: “Histoire des relations entre Juifs et Musulmans (2013). He … Continue reading l’ecrivain franco-tunisien


Peter Pinney did not wander alone, he met many people on his wandering ways. His African journey starts in Tunesia, he arrives with a young Dutch lady who travels with him on his first leg of the journey. They met in Greece and via Italy they reached North Africa. In Tunesia they are in the … Continue reading review WHO WANDERS ALONE


What is like to be Afro-American in Africa? That is what Eddy wonders about. He does not entertain thoughts about his ancestry, like : I am able retrace the steps of my forefathers and foremothers. His journey starts in Paris, a town with many people coming from West Africa. They have gone to paris in … Continue reading review NATIVE STRANGER