This is the third book that I have read in a short time about the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902). First a book about the Boer War by Bossenbroek, next to that I read the diary of Sol T. Plaatje about the siege of Mafeking. This third book is about the very same siege of Mafeking, written … Continue reading review MAFEKING


The second Boer War (or Anglo-Boer War) lasted from 1899-902 and was an important war in southern Africa. The colonial power of the British Empire was up against the tiny republics of Transvaal and Orange Free State. The Boer and the British had decided this was to be a white man’s war, but in reality … Continue reading review THE BOER WAR DIARY OF SOL T. PLAATJE


Wars produce stories. Stories of death and disaster. Stories of lives torn apart. Stories of people who were changed for the remaining part of their lives. The civil war in Sierra Leone produced stories. One of these is the story of Ismael Beah. He for the first time encountered the civil war when he was … Continue reading review A LONG WAY GONE


In this one book you will receive two stories. Mind you, not two independent stories, the first and the second, the first and the last. These two stories intertwine and get closer and closer. In one story you will read about two men, an old man Tuahir and a young boy Muidinga. They have escaped … Continue reading TERRA SONÂMBULA


This is the devastating lifestory of Amina Ingabire. Amina has told the story of her life to Saskia Smith. It is a story of violence, of abuse, of assault, of rape, of violent men, of untrustworthy people. The story of a woman who kept going, who decided to make her own decisions. Amina is raised … Continue reading ACHTER DE BERGEN

to defeat isis, we must call

Violence exploded in Paris, the capital city of France. A city often associated with ‘love’. Not the first time, not in Paris, not in Beirut, not a beach in Tunesia, not in Syria etcetera etcetera.  Laila Lalami, born in Morocco, working and living in the United States of America, speaks her mind on these explosive … Continue reading to defeat isis, we must call