martin bossenbroek discusses

In this article the writer Martin Bossenbroek (from The Netherlands) tells a bit about the background of his well received book on the Boer War in South Africa. He looked at this war from different perspectives to mould a wider picture. One of the leading characters in his book is the the Dutchman Willem Leyds.  

thank you, dear comrade paul

Paul Morris did fight in Angola in those old days, when the South African Defence Force tried to eliminate opponents of the apartheid regime. Paul did some rethinking and cycling, took his peddlemachine to his former warzone. And he wrote a book about it, “Back to Angola”. Now a South African, Shani Haricharan, who took a … Continue reading thank you, dear comrade paul

review FRIDA

It was 1994. The year of the manmade disaster in Rwanda. Neigbour killed neighbour. Relative killed relative. Friend killed friend. Thousands upon thousands died in the killing fields and hills of Rwanda. Some managed to find refuge in a neigbouring country, some found refuge outside the continent. Some managed to survive within the borders of the … Continue reading review FRIDA

my interest in africa

He spent formative years in Nairobi, where he attended a local school joined by other local boys. He studied in England, moved to the BBC and he made a documentary about a Nigerian soldier during World War Two in Burma. He also wrote a book about the same topic and soldier as well.   Barnaby … Continue reading my interest in africa


The writer David Read was born in 1921 (or around that time) in Nairobi, a town that was struggling to get on its feet. His mother moved out of town with little David to run a hotel in the midst of Maasai territory. So, no wonder, David got to know his Maasai agemates and their … Continue reading review WATERS OF THE SANJAN