When you hear about the Foreign Legion you can think of Laurel and Hardy in a desertlike environment, dressed in a hkaki-uniform and on top of it all a kepi. And life in the Legion is hilarious. Life in the Foreign Legion is not funny at all. You can learn this from the book by … Continue reading review TOMORROW TO BE BRAVE


This is another great book bu the Flemish author Lieve Joris. She puts all her knowledge of and love for Congo/Zaïre in this beautiful bookabout a sa, very sad reality. It is the reality of the warzones in the eastern parts of Congo. Not only groups with Congolese roots are involved in the bloodshed and … Continue reading review HET UUR VAN DE REBELLEN


Burundi is situated in the instable region of the Great lakes in Africa. This country has suffered a lot during the violent decades that have passed by. Esther Kamatari writes her personal story about her connections with this country. She is a member of the royal family. Her father was a brother to the king. … Continue reading review PRINCESSE DES RUGO

the tuner of silences

Mia Couto is a wellknown writer form Mozambique. He is new to me, but I am still learning about the literature produced by writers from Africa. There are two strands in this novel. One is about a the boy Mwanito and his brother and father who withdraw into the bush, the other strand is about … Continue reading the tuner of silences

the logic of global war

Writers do not stay in their ivory tower. They move in the same world as we, readers, do.  They do their shopping, they watch telly, they have an opinion about many things, just as we have. Some writers make their opinion on politics known. They write about it. They make it part of their novels. … Continue reading the logic of global war