The writer is wellknown for his Wallander-books, that have been turned into popular tv-series. But Wallander is not the only arrow on his bow. He is involved in theaterwork and children’s books and Mozambique. A large part of the year he lives in that African country. So it is no accident that Africa turns up … Continue reading review ELDENS HEMLIGHET

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The Ethiopian-born writer Dinaw Mengestu flew, in the company of others, 6 years ago to Eastern Congo for a meeting with Joseph Kony and other leaders of the Lord’s Resistance Army. What is his impression of this meeting? And what is his impression of the recent attempts by goodwilling people with the project “Kony2012”. An … Continue reading not a click away


This book is in some way related to the bestseller by the Dutch writer Arthur Japin, who wrote about two boys from the Gold Coast who stayed at the Dutch royal court in the 19th century. The book was titled ‘black with a white heart’. Two princes from the royal court of the Ashanti have … Continue reading review ZWARTE HUID, ORANJE HART


What about the presidential election of 2006 in Congo? There were two candidates: one was the junior version of Kabila, and the other was Bemba. International election watchers had a close look during the elections. One of them was the Dutchman Jan Claveaux, who had worked as a missionary in Congo in the years 1960-175. … Continue reading review MUOYO WENU