An interview with Youssef Rakha

His novel The Book of the Sultan’s Seal got much attention and a wide readership. His book was published just before the downfall of the president of Egypt Hosni Mubarak. In this interview Youssef Rakha tells about this book and his other activities, for he cannot be locked into the literary world. 

prize and prejudice

The country of Qatar. It is a small country. The bounderies include 11.000 square kilometers. It is a rich country due to the steady stream of oil. Qatar (or Katar) has great aspirations. In 2022 the country will host the World Championship of Soccer (personally I do not know much about the soccer tradition in … Continue reading prize and prejudice

youssef rakha talks about his new book

Those were heady days, the days of the Egyptian uprising.  The days that followed were heady as well, changes and counter-changes, the will of the people and the will of Allah. What is the destination of Egypt in the near future? The writer Youssef Rakha was present when the upheaval took place. He wrote about … Continue reading youssef rakha talks about his new book