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The Kenyan author Yvonne Owuor has written a book that has raised some dust.  Reviews in several countries were positive. Yvonne is   not a young writer, she has reached the age of 45.   In the United States of America The Washington Post gave attention to this new book DUST.  

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What is the position of African writers at the moment? Do they have influence on the continent? In this newspaper-article the writer takes us along on a journey in the present-day geography of writing in Africa.

words with yvonne adhiambo owuor

She wrote a book about the history of Kenya, the independence, but maybe most of all the violence that erupted during the last presidential elections. A violence that is still reverberating through the country. So many people still suffer from the loss and the shock and the displacement.   Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor wrote “Dust”, but … Continue reading words with yvonne adhiambo owuor


Dust, the tragic story of a nation of terrible secret violence It is Kenya’s turn at the sepia-toned festival of champagne memories and official nostalgia that passes for the ritual marking of half a century of flag Independence. There is much to celebrate and we can expect to hear it all at the grand fete … Continue reading dust

5 books you should have read

Daily Nation,  TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2013 |  BY- FAITH ONEYA The world’s literary scene in 2013 was literally bursting at the seams with the launch of one book after the other.  From memoirs, autobiographies, fiction, non-fiction, literary enthusiasts were spoilt for choice.  This article articulates the writer’s take on the must-reads for 2013. LEAN IN  BY SHERYL SANDBERG … Continue reading 5 books you should have read